New Director New Beginnings

 In February of 2013 Jefferson Park Preschool hired Khaleeqa Rouse to come on as Director of the school. She had been consulting with the organization since 2010 working to improve business functions. Since coming on as director Ms. Rouse has brought her expertise in the areas of management, finance and human resources. Ms. Rouse went through the Director's academy that focuses on the different elements of Early Childhood Education. Ms. Rouse is a graduate of Rider University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance and Global Business and a Master of Business Administration. 

Ms. Rouse's goal for Jefferson Park are to expand the child care services offered to the Jefferson Park Community. She wants to further the "Family like" enviroment that is created by our faculty and staff. Her vision for the center is as follows:

"Jefferson Park Preschool Program is a place where parents, staff and care givers are collectively and enthusiastically involved in the education and development of preschool age children. Jefferson Park is a warm and clean environment; that nurtures positivity and love not just within the classroom by throughout the entire community. We understand the profound impact we have on children and families of our community and we strive to be excellent in everything we do! "