Room Two Update: Pizza & Penguins

Our winter highlights thus far, were our trip to Jenkinson's Aquarium at Point Pleasant Beach and making fresh pizza from dough . The children were excited for the bus ride and to see penguins and sharks. We talked about what we would see before hand. This trip has connected into our Project Approach segment that is required by the district.In December, one of the children saw a beautiful picture of a sea dragon on a Ranger Rick Magazine cover and from this they decided they would like to  learn and study seahorses at more length. The aquarium trip tied right into this.We had some wonderful mother's who came and gave their time in order to chaperone us.

     The pizza activity began as a way to get the children to share things more amongst themselves. Whenever they shared a toy or helped a classmate they received a plastic coin and it got marked on a chart. When Miss Gina & I felt they had acquired  enough marks on the chart and  were exhibiting the desired behavior sufficiently we said we would have a pizza party. We  made the pizza from dough, and prepared it for lunch. Our special guest was Miss Betsey, the music teacher. Everyone enjoyed the process and have asked to do it again!

By: Neva Lattanzio Temple, Teacher