Room Five Update: Hibernation

By: Arelys Menedez, Teacher

We are in winter and this is the perfect season to learn about Hibernation. To begin study this theme we read the book Bear Snores On by: Karma Wilson. This book was perfect to teach this theme to the children. After reading the book we started to make the bears using brown constructions paper and we stapled the outer edges of each bear leaving just to top of their head to stuff them with cotton balls, also we used markers to make their faces. Then we started to create the warm caves where the bears can rest during the winter. For making their caves we used the foam tray, brown construction paper, glue, cotton balls and glitter to pretend they are the snow and brown tissue paper to give to the caves some texture. When the children were finished with their caves, they were ready to tuck their bears in to sleep and then put it in the Hibernating Area. We also created our own calendar to mark off the days until spring. Now we can see our children how every time they pass around the area they say “Shhhhh…….in silent voices because the bears are sleeping……”.In addition our children draw the pictures about their favorite part of the story.