Room Three update: Animals and habitats

In room 3 we’re transitioning from Families to Animal families. The children are learning about animal habitats, two legged and four legged animals, who flies, and who hibernates. During this time we’ve read, Good Night Baby Bear, The Mitten, Animal Homes and now The Snowy Day. The children have acted out The Mitten by using a sheet as the mitten. We created bear caves and put black bears in them to hibernate for the winter. The children learn songs and finger plays that correspond to our curriculum. We also took a trip to the Library and to Jenkinson’s Aquarium. At the library the children were read to and learned some finger plays. The Aquarium put the children at a close proximity to the, seals, penguins, turtles, and fish. The winter cold has kept us inside so on one of the coldest day we froze various items outside and when the children wake they find their water was frozen because it was so cold. During the cold we stay inside and partake using obstacle courses, tunnels, balls, balance beams, parachutes, games, and act out stories. There is so much more we do each day to keep the children feeling happy and loved.

By: Ms. AnnaLee, Teacher &  Ms. Ivonne, Teacher's Assistant