Room 2: Botany, Garden & Earth Day

Would you be surprised to know that science plays a very big part in the preschool classroom? Science, in one form or another, is an everyday occurrence in Room 2. We do one teacher directed science experiment a week, but there are many teachable moments for science daily, especially out on the playground.

The month of April we were able to celebrate Earth Day. To develop our botany and general science skills we worked in our garden area outside and we planted seeds in special seedling starters in the classroom. When we get back to school on Monday we will find a flat full of green seedlings!  Luigi’s Mother was kind enough to come in and help us clean up our garden and to plant our seeds. The children are going to plant these seedlings outside when the danger of frost is past. They are learning here that temperature and weather affects the growth of plants, besides other things. Here are some pictures of us working on our Earth Day Project.