Room 3: Preschoolers enjoying the Spring!

The children are very excited that spring is finally here. They get to go outside each day weather permitting, and use gross motor activities to learn spatial awareness, body awareness, taking turns, and socialization by; running, jumping, riding bikes, hula hoops, playing ball, writing with chalk, going up and down stairs, making friends, and playing in water and sand. All of these activities help the child to grow and learn how to accomplish areas in gross motor such as; alternating feet, jumping or standing on one foot for a period of time, skipping, and being social.  

The children use their fine motor skills each day in the classroom to strengthen the muscles in their hands so they can learn to hold writing objects, use scissors and put things together and take them apart the correct way. They use various tools each day such as; play dough, writing implements, small toys, puzzles, art materials, scissors, reading books, and sand and water. Each of these areas of play is very important to the child’s fine motor skills. The more practice the better the outcome for each child.

The children were patiently waiting for the arrival of our Larva. We received them and are looking forward to investigating them as they grow. The children learned new and exciting words that go along with the study of a butterfly. They now know the words, larva, caterpillar, chrysalis, metamorphosis, pupa, cocoon, and butterfly. The children learned the four stages of a butterfly and can’t wait to see our larva go through the stages.