Room 3: Were The Wild Thing Are!

We had a great time at the Turtleback Zoo. The children loved the train ride and exploring all the animals in the zoo, including the spiders and snakes.

When we got back I thought it would be a great idea to start talking about imagination. We read: Were The Wild Thing Are and the children got involved the more I talked about it. We decided to use it as our project approach. The children became completely involved. One child looked at my blue rug and said, “That’s the sea and it is carrying Max’s boat across.” Then another said, “ That’s the ocean and it can carry all the Wild Things Back to Max’s house.” They decided to make masks of the Wild Things and Max. They also made the crowns because he was named King of The Wild Things.

I had the children create stories and tell me about them. I informed them that they could be real or fictitious. We decided we would create a sailboat and forest. The children have been really working to have this all come together. Everyday I see them exploring their imagination during work time and play; they’re excited when we are creating projects. We’re using math graphs, comparing, predicting, and reporting each day. We’re exploring real forest and the animals that live in them. Each day is something new and exciting.

Synopsis of Where The Wild Things Are – Max put on a wolf suit and got into everything. His mother called him a wild thing. Max said” I’ll eat you up.” So mom told him to go to his room without food. That’s when he used his imagination and created the forest in his room, then traveled on a sailboat across the ocean and met the Wild Things etc...