Room One: Winter Activities

Winter Activities
           Winter is a theme that offers a variety of activities centered on snow, ice and cold weather. We also talk about animals that hibernate, the ones that do not, but are resistant to cold temperature; we talk about what the animals eat and how they manage to survive the winter. At the beginning at the month, our students showed interest in knowing more about penguins and their habitat; therefore we had art and science activities planned about penguins. Then, they wanted to know more about reindeer. We read books about reindeer and then, using their foot and hand print, we made our own reindeer.
       Unfortunately, sometimes it is just too cold to actually go outside and play. What do we do? Our students’ favorite activity is to dance and move using music. Our students appreciate any opportunities they have to get up and move around in the classroom, especially on cold and rainy days. Giving children the opportunity to listen to music, play instruments, experiment with sound, and move their bodies is vital in early care environments, which is why a music and movement learning center is quite an attraction in our preschool classroom. The music and movement center in our class helps children develop their gross and fine motor skills, improve their balance and coordination, hone their listening skills, and learn about cultures around the world. The props that we use are scarves, bean bags, rhythm sticks, drums, and bells that encourage our children to get moving, work together and creatively express themselves as they play and listen to music. We proudly learnt how to use our instruments following the songs’ rhythm and their beats. We believe that music addresses the expressive, emotional, intellectual, social, and creative needs of all children. That is why music is our daily companion.