Room Five: A Month Of Excitement And Separation Anxiety.

By: Suzette Dort

We are very excited returning to a new school year to welcome our new students to a fun filled enriched academic school year, although it’s an exciting time of the year we are very much aware some children experience separation anxiety. For the beginning of September we read books to all the children to help them feel comfortable in their new environment away from home. They especially loved and enjoyed the story about Chester Raccoon and his mom in the book called: “The kissing hand”.  With our help each child was able to create their own kissing hand, color it and glue a heart in the middle as a reminder of mom’s secret love.

We also introduced the different play areas in increments through group play, as well as talking about our daily routine and classroom rules. As we concluded the month of September, both teachers and students are comfortable enjoying each other company while socializing together and climbing the ladder of academic success. Stay tuned! More to come from room 5.