Room One: The Very Busy Spider

Since our students are interested in farm animals, and spiders, one of the books we chose to further our children’s knowledge about animals and insects was “The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle. We had lots of fun bringing this story to life through various activities. 

     To summarize the story,  a little spider begins to spin her web on a fence post. One by one, the animals of the nearby farm try to divert her, each with its own sound and specific enticement. Continuing patiently with her work, the industrious spider doesn't answer. She has a busy day ahead of her, but at the end she will be able to show the animals that her web is both beautiful and very useful.

     We looked at books and we were interested in finding out how the spider builds her web, then we tried to make webs for our spiders during art activities. We used props with animals to act out the story “The Very Busy Spider”. Then we took the animals that we had in the barn, and made their specific sounds. We drew our spiders, and their webs, and then we used our listening skills to guess the specific sounds that one can hear on the barn. We also made our spiders using play dough. 

        Already well known as a classroom classic, this creative, interactive picture book is a delight to the senses, a joy to share, and an invitation to pre-readers to "read" on their own. We were able to expand the students’ reading with fun activities.