Room Five: Math and Science experiments.

Young minds exploring, learning, and understanding the concept of change in their environment using fine motors skills and five senses.

Now that the children in room five are more comfortable and at ease feeling loved, respected and accepted away from their homes; they are hard at work and play.  As we introduce and expand their thinking and acknowledge of the changes that are occurring around them during the fall season.

For  the month of October we sang songs, dance, read books and did finger plays to encourage phonological awareness.

For math and science enhancement we went outside to collect leaves each child had a small paper bag with their name on it to collect their own leaves of different sizes, they were able to sort the leaves by sizes of large, medium and small and we made a math chart.

We also had lots  of fun making Apple volcanoes; the children were very excited to work together in pairs and amazed to see the volcanoes erupt.

We also did an Apple tasting experiment using different colors Apple;  red, yellow and green, it was funny watching their facial expressions as they tasted the differences , especially when it comes to the green apple one child said it taste like limes.

Last but  not least we also did a large pumpkin carving exploring the contents, how it feels inside and estimate the number of seeds found.