Room Three: Animal Parades & Fall Harvest

We are thrilled to say that the children are adjusting very well to our routines and to their new friends. We may have had a few days that were slightly different because of a few birthday but the children have fallen right back into step even after all of the excitement.  We are now entering our third month of school and the children are learning to take care of themselves.  They tend to their own needs by getting their thermos or water bottle that are being sent in by their families whenever they are thirsty. They clean up after themselves and are responsible for the proper use of materials in our classrooms.  With each day that passes, we expect to see more and more independence.  

On the 31st of October the entire school had a Fall Harvest Animal Parade which was promptly followed by a well organized petting zoo right here at Jefferson Park Preschool. During the month of October we learned a great deal about animals with a special concentration on nocturnal animals including bats. All classes had the opportunity to meet a wonder bunch of bunnies, chickens,and a very laid back donkey and goat.  Later in the day we all worked together on making rice crispy treats which went home although a few students did want to eat them entirely  at school. We had a very exciting month and look forward to more great experiences here in room 3.