New Classroom Pets in Room Three

 January has been a very exciting time in room 3.  We are learning all about winter and the quieting of nature all around us. The children have been exploring the changes in weather and have had the opportunity to learn about the effects of temperature on ice and snow. We have two new additions to our classroom.  We have adopted two new bunnies.  The children held a vote and named our bunnies Catboy (boy) and Alex (girl). The children are learning about pet care and responsibilities. There has been a great deal of smiles and hard work going in our room as we learn about our bunnies. The children are exploring different environments for bunnies and other burrowing animals. We will be keeping our bunnies through the end of our year and the children will have many more opportunities to extend their learning and compassion for living things.  Please feel free to stop in to visit Catboy and Alex in room 3.