Room One: Developing Healthy Habits

 Early childhood is an exiting time as children begin to learn about themselves and the world around them. It’s a time when they can develop habits that can affect them throughout their lives.

    In this winter season with lots of colds around us, we definitely want to prevent getting colds by teaching children methods of keeping away the germs. We try to incorporate activities that help them maintain a beautiful smile, and keep them looking and feeling great. 

    This month we planned exiting activities, games and songs that cover proper hygiene. We started with the book “Germs Are Not for Sharing” by Elizabeth Verdick. After reading this book we talked about how we need to cover our mouths whenever we cough or sneeze not to spread germs because our friends can get sick, too. We talked about washing properly our hands, and the situations in which washing our hands is required. We discussed proper hygiene habits when using the bathroom. Then we had an art projects in which our character had a cold, and we had to make sure that he uses tissues to wipe out his/her nose. Then we read the story “ Little Raccoon Catches a Cold” by Susan Canizares, and talked about why the raccoon got sick. Later, in a different activity we discussed ways of protecting ourselves to prevent getting sick, and we compared our experiences of being sick to the one the little raccoon had in the story. We reinforced our students’’ good hygiene behaviors whenever we noticed them throughout the days.