Room Five: “Celebrating Fire Prevention Week”

By: Arelys B. Menendez

At the beginning of this month we celebrated Fire Prevention Week. To introduce this theme we read several books. One of the books that we read was,”Clifford the Firehouse Dog” by Norman Birdwell. Through this book they learned the concept of Stop, Drop, and Roll. After we read the book we did our own practice of the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” process. Also, we discussed why we should never play with lighters, matches, or others materials that provoke a fire. We did a few more activities such as: Math: We used a dice to identify numbers and count the missing rungs and glue on the ladder. Art: We used base shapes, so the children were able to make their own fire truck. Science: We mixed yellow and red paint with a fork to pretend to make the flame of a fire. They really enjoyed this theme.