Room One: Farm Animals

 Farm animals are a great fun topic of study for preschoolers because they all naturally love animals. For our farm unit, here are just a few of the objectives we hoped to achieve while learning about farm animals:

  • The kids will be able to recognize and identify common farm animals

  • The kids will know the mother, father, and baby names for common farm animal families (e.g, hen, rooster, and chick are all part of the chicken family)

  • The kids will know the sounds made by common farm animals

  • The kids will know what kinds of products we get from farm animals

       The books we used for this theme were:” Over on the Farm”; “Busy Noisy Farm”, “The Big Red Barn”, “Hatching Chicks”, “ Dogs”, “Cows”, “Goats”, “Sheep”. We built a barn surrounded by fences, we played with toy farm animals grouping them by categories, and counting them; we compared and touched furs, and feathers, we talked about animals that live in a farm, and animals that do not live in a barn. Each child selected his/her favorite animal, and made it during art activities using paper plates. We also talked about what animals eat, and we talked about pets. The best surprise for our students was having a real turtle for the whole week into our classroom. 

       But, the best thing for our students was the fact that we had a Petting Farm Animal Day and that our students were able to see and pet: goats, ducks, rabbits, a donkey, a rooster, and a lamb. Our students were super exited to see real animals. This was according to them one of the best day ever.