Room Five: “Celebrating Diversity”

  By: Arelys Menendez                 

  In this month we learned about diversity in our classroom. It is not necessary to travel to another state or country to find different cultures. Diversity is all around us. The teachers and students in our classroom come from different cultural backgrounds, such as: Cuba, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Philippines, Ecuador, El Salvador, Puerto Rico and the United States. To introduce the theme we read the book “WE ARE ALL ALIKE……WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.” Through this book we taught the children that even though they come from different cultures, they are different sizes, have different textures of hair, are different skin colors, and they like different kinds of food, we are still the same because we are all PEOPLE. We read different multicultural books, we discussed the different kinds of cultures, which parents and children dressed up a doll with their native or typical outfits. To complete our monthly lesson we had a buffet with our typical dishes, and the children were able to dress in their native outfits.