Room Four: Science Activity

balloon rocket.jpg

For young learners, learning about science is just a simple as using materials they may come in contact with in their environment. The great thing about preschoolers is that they enjoy discovering and exploring through play. Our class enjoys hands-on activities so this activity was perfect for them. Not only do the children eagerly throw themselves into the science activities, we believe they learn best this way. This month we focused on movement. We explained how and why things move. We used a few simple household items to make this project a success. We added a cool rocket for a special effect.


·         Balloon

·         Tape

·         Scissors

·         String

·         2 chairs

·         Measuring tape

·         1 drinking straw

Rocket Ship.jpg

What To Do

1.      Set up the two chairs six yards apart

2.      Cut 20 feet of string. Tie one end of the string to the top of one of the chairs.

3.      Thread the straw through the string and tie the other end of the string to the top of the second chair.

4.      Blow up the balloon and let it go three times. Blow it up a fourth time and secure it to the straw with tape while holding the balloon neck closed.

5.      Set up the experiment so the balloon neck is close to one chair and then let the balloon go.