Room One: Transportation Theme

Transportation theme 

In our class, we have plenty of toys that are transportation related: trains, tractors, cars, trucks, and so much more! Our students naturally gravitate towards playing with these toys. Planning transportation theme activities for them is a no-brainer because they love it! Since, this year, our group seemed very interested in activities that include playing with all types of transportation vehicles, we started to plan many activities around ways of travelling. This topic is part of our students’ everyday lives.

They drive or walk to school, have seen or ridden on a bus or taken an airplane to go on vacation.

   We read the books:” Getting Around”, “Wheels, Wheels!”, “Beep, Beep, Vroom, Vroom!” , “How Do Airplanes Fly?”, “Where Does It Park?”. The students wanted to make their own trucks, trains, boats, cars, and we talked about intersections, and traffic lights that are needed for the drivers. Since the students loved this theme, we decided to expand it , and continue to work on it.