Room Three: Give a mouse a cookie


It is an exciting time of year and all the children are used to their routines and expectations by this point in the school year. We are exploring higher level activities and projects and the children are quite excited about their upcoming art show. Our theme will be based around the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and the children are s excited to be sharing all their beautiful work with friends and family. They are also working dilengently on the planting skills as well as their science identification of plant and tree parts and the needs of all living things.Warm weather is arriving and the children are once again enjoying the playground!  Most of room 3 finds that it is their favorite part of the day because of the wonderful transition to more comfortable weather and the lack of necessary heavy clothing and coats.  We cannot wait for the families to come and be apart of this wonderful time of the year and hope to see everyone at our wonderful art show.  We are also remind families that all of the children should come to school with an thermos that is filled with ice water and we will refill as necessary to keep the children hydrated throughout the day.  Thanks! Ms. Jenny and Ms. Geydy