Room Five: Winter & The Project Approach

During this month we learned about winter. We read and discussed several books related to this theme. The Snowy Day by: Ezra Jack Keats was the book that the children enjoyed the most. They have been delighted to read about Peter’s adventures. In extension of the book we created different activities.

 Math: We made our own foot prints like Peter and measured them with the snap cubes. After, we compared who had the biggest and smallest footprint in the class. In addition, we made a class book, recording everyone’s footprints.

Science: We performed a snow melting experiment. In the book Peter learned snow melted, when his snow ball melted inside his coat pocket. We used ice cubes and tried different materials such as: cold water, juice, hot water, sand, and aluminum foil. First, we made predictions of what they thought was going to happen when we put the ice cube in each separate material? After making these predictions, we did our own experiments.

 Art: We created our own scenes with Peter using different art materials.

Language: We played a smiling snowman game, which identified beginning sounds. They really enjoyed it.