Room Three: Love & Developing Social Skills


In the spirit of Valentine's Day we celebrated love and friendship. The students participated in several group activities while learning about how to be a good friend and follow polite expectations. Room 3 was encouraged to get outside and take breaks from the classroom setting and work on their social skills. Students were able to have dialogue with their friends and engage in some great wintertime fun outside. Thanks to our energetic and spirited friends, we were able to see a great deal of fun take place.  


We focused this February on being polite. Students focused on keeping their emotions in check so that they can respond in a polite manner while being effective and appropriate. Staff has been handing out stickers and encouragement to all the students who have shown great attitudes and actions around their friends for the month of February.  In addition we will be ongoing with our yearlong theme of kindness and the different ways that students can show kindness to their peers.  Please be on the lookout for our hearts that the children worked very hard on since they will be going home soon and make sure you stop by our classroom to check out the pictures of your children being great friends to each other.