Room One: Preschool Mindefullness


 Every day we are bombarded by media, and technology. Today’s lives are very busy for all of us. Unfortunately, as parents, we find ourselves multitasking, as we try to get so many things done. Our little ones see our behaviors and copy us. We see children playing and mirroring their parents’ behavior. For example, I see girls trying to cook or shop while being on the phone. 

With mindfulness in mind, in order to help our students acquire essential skills , our school decided to include activities that help students focus on the present by relying on their senses. 


Therefore, in our class we tried to do two activities. 

One was meant to use breathing as a way of calming our mind before starting any activity or calming when we had too much energy. We decided to focus on breathing, paying attention at the way our bodies inhale, exhale, how our abdomen moves during breathing process and calm our minds.  We noticed how our children payed attention better by incorporating this breathing technique. 


We also taught our students how to calm down when they were angry or upset using the breathing technique. The poster we use in our calming down technique had 3 steps:

1.    Put your hands on your tummy and say: “Stop”

2.    Name your feeling 

3.    Take belly breaths 

A Guessing Game was the second activity we incorporated. With our eyes closed, the students tried to guess what musical instrument was used by the teacher to make sounds. The instruments used were: a big bell, little bells, symbols, clapper, a tambourine, shakers, and maraca. We had fun while using our hearing sense .