Promote Fine Motor Skills in Room 1 

The more coordinated our preschoolers are, the more independent they become in their daily activities such as: tying their shoes, zipping their coats, brushing their teeth, and appropriately holding a pencil. Throughout the day, we encourage our students to use their hands in various activities to strengthen their fine motor abilities. The following materials are available for our students to manipulate throughout the classroom: small and large floor puzzles; numerous materials in the art center like stencils, hole punchers, scissors, rubbing plates, play dough, painting materials, and collage materials. There are also pencils and crayons available for drawing or writing, and we have blocks of various shapes and textures so that our students can build things.

One of our favorite activities is transferring things from one place to another using tongs. As we were exploring the theme “Insects”, we created a fun game for our children. Students were able to transfer nectar (yellow pom-poms) from flowers to honey combs (hexagons) using tongs.  Students had great fun while learning how bees make honey, all while refining their fine motor skills.