Plants & People Room Three


It has been an exciting month in Room #3! This month we have been working on our month long project. The children have been learning all about living and non-living objects and then we transitioned to helping create life through our exploration of plants and gardens. The children learned about the needs of plants versus that of people and were so excited to hear that we both need sunlight and water.  They explored different eco-systems through virtual field trips and were able to plant their own starter plants. Many of the students opted for sunflowers but quite a few were interested in growing mustard plants and everyone decided that corn was a must have for their gardens as well.  The students spent the last month exploring seeds, dirt and the parts of plants along with their living environment. Everyone has been very excited to bring home their plants and now that they are back from Easter vacation all the seedlings will be going home. We hope all the families have a  wonderful time planting their children's seedlings at home and we hope that everyone is delighted when the flowers start to bloom.  

We will be moving from planting in soil directly to learning all about the small insects that make a home in the ground. The children will be digging in dirt in the coming month and learning all about insects. We look forward to exploring the small creatures all around us and hope that the families are excited about our bug themed art show coming up soon! We hope to see all our families there!