Art Show Preparations Room Four

Every year we have an art show here at Jefferson Park Preschool. As a school we chose to have an Eric Carle themed show. Carle, known for his colorful artwork and charming stories are a preschool favorite. We started the project by asking the students which Eric Carle book they wanted to be represented at the art show. It was no surprise The Very Hungry Caterpillar was their pick. A beautiful story about a famished creepy crawly that mesomorphs into a beautiful butterfly was a perfect introduction to spring and lead to another discussion on metamorphosis and spring time creatures.

 Our class had a ball, recreating the vivid illustrations from the story. They used crepe and tissue paper and brown paper bags to get a look that mimicked Carle’s illustrations. They enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to proudly display their work at this years’ upcoming art show.