Sowing Bean Seeds

As previously mentioned,  the students observed the growth course of a (bean) root as it entered it's various stages. It's purpose was to serve as a visual representation of how roots appear from under the ground. In addition,  the children drew what was noticed or discovered with their (bean) roots. This goal offered the opportunity for the children to speak while also practicing social cues, like taking turns in a conversation, as they completed the objective. It is worthy to mention that reviews were done, which entailed seed growth and its necessities, like water, sunlight and dirt. 

During this time, the children also compared and contrasted two types of seeds, which held several purposes for the lesson. The first was to sort the seeds and view their similarities and differences with the assistance of a magnifying glass. The second aim was prediction. The children were asked to predicted which of the two seeds weighted the most; after the students all respectively placed them on the scale they viewed which of the two actually weighted the most. Lastly, the children then compared and contrasted the seeds with rocks. This aided the students further within the objective, as well their use of language and practice of a few of the five senses.