Learning about Tridimensional Shapes- Room 1

We are surrounded by shapes all day long. As playing with blocks is a frequent activity, it is easy to introduce tridimensional shapes to our preschools as in a playful way. 

          In addition to work time, we also present each day a new tridimensional shape during large group time. When we introduce the cylinder, we demonstrate how it rolls, and we look at its base that looks like a circle. When we talk about the sphere, we look at the way it rolls like a ball, and we compare it to a ball. Then, we introduce the cube, and we compare it to things that looks like it in our environment. We look at its edges, and we identify how the bases look. We talk about the prism, how the edges look, and how the base looks like. Then, we talk about the pyramid, and the cone. We compare and contrast them. The children talk about the edges the pyramid has, and lack of edges the cone has. Our students associate the cone with “an ice-cream cone”, and the prism with a “roof”. They try to roll them both and talk about the findings.

          These activities are extremely useful as recognizing tridimensional shapes became important the assessments that our state mandates.