Mister Seahorse Art Show- Room 5

In this month our annual Art Show we presented, The Mister Seahorse by: Eric Carle. After reading the book our children were inspired and created their own art project, about seahorses and different ocean creatures. First, they made big and small seahorses: We made seahorse stencils and had each child trace it. After, they combined different colors and painted the big ones. For the small seahorses they used pastel oil crayons to color them. Secondly, they traced different fish from the book and colored them also, they decorated them using different art materials to make scales. The last project was to cut and paint some plants and rocks from the bottom of the ocean such as: coral reefs, patch of reeds, and rocks. We glued transparent curtains on top to represent the pages of the book. While our students were working on this project they really enjoyed being creative.