Preschoolers Plant with Groundworks

By: Khaleeqa Rouse 

Recently Elizabeth Groundworks visited our center and helped our preschoolers learn about the importance of planting. Each student had a roll in planting earth boxes of sugar snap peas. The children learned how the earth box sucks water from the bottom in order to feed the roots of the plants; and how this method was more efficient in having a successful garden. The children each planted a sugar snap seed, after they fertilized the soil.

Initially it was hard to get the children to focus, but they made up songs as each of their classmates went and helped prepare the box and plant the seed. The peas were the first addition to our garden this year. We hope have a garden full of delicious vegetables.

Cultivating healthy sustainable living starts at an early age. We have found that if children are involved in the process of gardening then they are more likely to eat vegetables because they know where they come from. Teaching the children how to plant reinforces curriculum concepts such as math and science, also the children just love to play and get their hands dirty. 

Spring is here!

Today marks the first day of spring! To celebrate we decorated our lobby and talked to the children about what happens when spring has sprung. Everyone is looking forward to the warmer temperatures, outdoor activities and all around fun that spring time brings. This is a great time of year to talk to your preschooler about all the changes that will take place, and do projects at home the emphasize growth and change. Check out the song below, and sing along with your child:

Healthy Living for Preschoolers

healthy living handout.jpg

Last night at Jefferson Park Preschool we hosted a cooking demonstration and healthy living program for our parents. We had an amazing turnout and it was a great opportunity for our parents to learn how they can start healthy habits with their children. Tons of information was shared on how to create healthy natural meals at home, how to lose weight and how to incorporate exercise as a regular activity. The parents sampled a smoothie, a snack and a dinner recipe (recipe above). Overall it was a great experience for all participants and we hope to bring another healthy living program to the parents before the end of the year. Happy Eating!

North Pole & Holiday Cheer

This holiday season Jefferson Park really looked to give back to our families. We hosted an evening at the North Pole where children were able to participate in many fun holiday activities such as: ginger bread decorating, tree trimming and face painting. There was a screening of Dr. Seuss's The Grinch and Santa came to our center. 

With the help of many generous donations and the Board of Trustees we were able to give each family a box full of food as well as toys for each child that attends our center. The families were very appreciative of everything they received. 

The event and season really show cased the spirit of what Jefferson Park Preschool is all about.!

Multicultural week at Jefferson Park

This week November 21st to the 27th we focused on the various aspects of culture: Music, Attire and Cuisine. Each classroom, staff member and family participated in a week long celebration of diversity. 

Music:  Each class learned songs and dances that celebrated cultural differences. The parents were given cultural projects to take home and complete with their preschooler.

Attire: Each family was asked to dress their preschooler in traditional cultural attire. We had 65 percent participation and countries like Haiti, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Columbia, Ghana, Nigeria and Peru were represented. 

Cuisine: This event was for families to come and share in food and celebration. Each family brought food and celebrated the diversity of the cuisine. It was a perfect kick start to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Back to School Night

October 29th was Back to School Night at Jefferson Park Preschool. Parents and children came in for an evening of fun and learning. Each parent went to their preschooler's classroom and met with their teacher. Then families had the opportunity to participate in Large Group Time, the time in which the whole class get together to learn with the teacher. 

Following large group time, the parents flexed their fine motor skills by creating a craft project in each classroom. The night gave the parents a taste of what the children do in school all day. The parents were impressed by the hands on approach of the teachers to include the parents in their child's learning experience. 

We also hosted a bake sale in which we raised fund to go toward field trips and program cost not covered by the district. 

Overall it was a great evening of education, family and community! 

New Parent Orientation


JP hosted its annual parent orientation. New handbooks were printed for all the families. We had a huge turnout over 55 parents attended. Many of the parents are excited to get involved with our school. Many parents were impressed by the energy of our staff members, increased security at Jefferson Park and the school lunch menu. 

Some of the questions that were asked during our meeting were the following:

1. Why does my child need an immunization?

2. How can I help my child communicate frustration or anger?

3. How do I deal with a biting child?

4. How can I take preschool classroom concepts and implement them at home?

With the help of our teachers and staff we plan on answering many of those questions here on the blog. Do you have a questions about your preschooler?  Please leave your question in the comments below!

Back To School We Go!


September 10th marked the first day of school! For many of the children it was their first time attending a school. There were plenty of tears and long looks goodbye for their family members but they made it through the day. First days of school are not only hard for the child, but they are equally hard for first time parents. Letting go is difficult. Teacher's at Jefferson Park ease the transition with lots of love and songs for the children to feel at home. The day is infused with arts and crafts, play time and a delicious meal. Eventually, children will love to come to school and Jefferson Park will be like a second home!