Room One: Teaching Kindness in Preschool


It is of great importance that we teach kindness to our children as early as preschool. Our students mirror very well the way the adults around them talk or talk. Therefore we hope to try our best to be great role models for them so that they copy our manners and pleasant way of talking and acting.

To teach kindness, we initiated the following activities:

Wishing kind thoughts to the ones we love

Around holidays, when we were singing the songs” We Wish You a Merry Christmas/ And a Happy New Year,” we talked about sending someone kind thoughts on certain occasions: like holidays, or birthdays. E.g., we wish Mia on her birthday to be happy and healthy.

When someone was sick, we talked about sending kind thoughts:” May Margelie feel better so that she comes back soon to school.”

Read books with stories of kindness


We read the story “The Rainbow Fish,” and we discussed the importance of sharing with our friends. We read the book “Oops! Excuse Me Please!” and talked about kind manners.

Bring a smile to the classroom

When we talked about our rules, we discussed how we feel every day, and we talked about how our smile can be contagious to others, and how our happy face can generate a state of well being for the ones around us.

During small group time activities, we practiced manners, talking kindly to others, making compliments to our friends, practicing fairways of playing with our friends (e.g., playing together and sharing our toys; trading our toys and waiting for our turn).

Imaginative games

I offered various scenarios, and I asked the children to be kind in their response. For example, my puppet Jane is upset, because she was not included in any of the games children were playing. I asked our students to invite her to join them in their games kindly.


Each time we talked about manners, gratitude, we were singing specific songs like: ”Please and Thank You”; “Gracias,” “Don’t Forget to Be Thankful, Don’t Forget to be Nice.”

Being Helpful


We praise our students each time they are helpful. Helping us clean up or doing different jobs is another way of being kind.

We hope that these themes are helping our students be kind, and nice to each other every day.