day care

Back To School We Go!


September 10th marked the first day of school! For many of the children it was their first time attending a school. There were plenty of tears and long looks goodbye for their family members but they made it through the day. First days of school are not only hard for the child, but they are equally hard for first time parents. Letting go is difficult. Teacher's at Jefferson Park ease the transition with lots of love and songs for the children to feel at home. The day is infused with arts and crafts, play time and a delicious meal. Eventually, children will love to come to school and Jefferson Park will be like a second home!

Pottery Fun

Students in classroom two created their very own works of art using molding clay. Each student used plastic sculpting tools and small pizza rollers to create their very own masterpieces. Playing and engaging in art is very fun, the students were also learning about different textures and the process clay goes through in the heat. Exposing children to different textures and giving them the ability to use their hands is very crucial in their early development. We have seen tremendous strides in the children's dexterity growth from the beginning of the year to the end in te year. 

What has been your experience showing young children new methods of art? Do you think texture learning is important is a child's growth? Share your thoughts and comments.