Preschoolers Plant with Groundworks

By: Khaleeqa Rouse 

Recently Elizabeth Groundworks visited our center and helped our preschoolers learn about the importance of planting. Each student had a roll in planting earth boxes of sugar snap peas. The children learned how the earth box sucks water from the bottom in order to feed the roots of the plants; and how this method was more efficient in having a successful garden. The children each planted a sugar snap seed, after they fertilized the soil.

Initially it was hard to get the children to focus, but they made up songs as each of their classmates went and helped prepare the box and plant the seed. The peas were the first addition to our garden this year. We hope have a garden full of delicious vegetables.

Cultivating healthy sustainable living starts at an early age. We have found that if children are involved in the process of gardening then they are more likely to eat vegetables because they know where they come from. Teaching the children how to plant reinforces curriculum concepts such as math and science, also the children just love to play and get their hands dirty. 

We Planted A garden

On April 22nd Jefferson Park participated in Earth Day. Each classroom was given the task of creating a garden box from a seek or seedling. Some of the classes grew seedlings on their own for weeks by putting dirt and seeds in little cups and leaving them by the window to sprout. We had a range of plants in the garden when earth day arrived, from daisies, pumpkin, cucumber, sunflowers, corn, spinach, lettuce and various other types of vegetation. The children got the opprotunity to taste the fruits of their labor as the months went by. Ever think about starting your very own garden? It is a great way to introduce children to the growing process while teaching them to eat good that is healthy. Many of our parents reported back saying their children were now fascinated in eating more vegetables. Here is a quick DIY video for how you too can start your own garden.