Preschool Cancer Hope: Mia Lopez

Jefferson Park Preschool is proud to have among its students Mia Lopez, a cancer survivor. Mia is an extraordinary child with an extraordinary story. In December 2012, Mia was diagnosed with Wilms tumor (cancer of the kidney). That day was by far the “hardest day of their lives”, according to Mrs. Lopez. However, after the surgery to remove the tumor and the subsequent chemotherapy treatment, Mia is doing very well. Her treatments that ended in June 2013 were sponsored by The Valerie Fund’s, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support for the comprehensive health care of children with cancer and blood disorders. Mia’s family is extremely grateful for the support and help The Valerie Fund offered during critical times. Through it all, strength came from knowing they were never alone.

      It is in this spirit that we want to remind everyone that on June 14th, the Valerie Fund will be conducting a fundraising 5K Run and walk. We encourage everybody to participate in any capacity they can towards the goal of raising as much money as possible for this most worthy organization. The Lopez family appreciates your joining with them in supporting the charity that has done so much for Mia. Let’s give back to this amazing organization that has touched so many children’s lives. For detail ask the teachers or see: