Sprouting in room two

As previously mentioned, the children 'planted' the beans, in which, they have been observing and keeping track of during the weeks after the process. However, curiosity caught all of our attention when we took a glimpse at the Ziploc bags. One was able to see the roots, the leaves and stems that have grown from the beans. The children were in awe when they viewed the roots that had grown within the napkin, as well. 

Room Four: Science Activity

balloon rocket.jpg

For young learners, learning about science is just a simple as using materials they may come in contact with in their environment. The great thing about preschoolers is that they enjoy discovering and exploring through play. Our class enjoys hands-on activities so this activity was perfect for them. Not only do the children eagerly throw themselves into the science activities, we believe they learn best this way. This month we focused on movement. We explained how and why things move. We used a few simple household items to make this project a success. We added a cool rocket for a special effect.


·         Balloon

·         Tape

·         Scissors

·         String

·         2 chairs

·         Measuring tape

·         1 drinking straw

Rocket Ship.jpg

What To Do

1.      Set up the two chairs six yards apart

2.      Cut 20 feet of string. Tie one end of the string to the top of one of the chairs.

3.      Thread the straw through the string and tie the other end of the string to the top of the second chair.

4.      Blow up the balloon and let it go three times. Blow it up a fourth time and secure it to the straw with tape while holding the balloon neck closed.

5.      Set up the experiment so the balloon neck is close to one chair and then let the balloon go.

Room Three: Measurements

We are so excited to share some of our exciting news from February. During the month of February we explored measurement and focused on our food measurement tools and the changes that occur in foods during processing.  We talked and explored flour, sugar and several liquids.  The children made fresh orange, pear and apple juice on several days and were able to feel the dried pulp that was left over after juicing.  We also took a little trip to our kitchen where we were able to measure and warm milk before mixing it with cocoa and marshmallows.  We also have been working on self help skills during this month. The children have been doing excellent serving foods and pouring liquids for themselves and their peers and we believe that they are quite ready to help any family members in the kitchen at home!  

February science in room two

During a science class, the children were assigned to 'plant' two different kinds of seeds; one being llama beans and the other Pansy seeds. The objective of this goal was to not only compare and contast the seeds, but to also observe how the llama beans roots grow during and after germination.  It also serves the purpose to further educate the children, in regards, to plants, and to also teach then that not all seeds need dirt to blossom.

New Classroom Pets in Room Three

 January has been a very exciting time in room 3.  We are learning all about winter and the quieting of nature all around us. The children have been exploring the changes in weather and have had the opportunity to learn about the effects of temperature on ice and snow. We have two new additions to our classroom.  We have adopted two new bunnies.  The children held a vote and named our bunnies Catboy (boy) and Alex (girl). The children are learning about pet care and responsibilities. There has been a great deal of smiles and hard work going in our room as we learn about our bunnies. The children are exploring different environments for bunnies and other burrowing animals. We will be keeping our bunnies through the end of our year and the children will have many more opportunities to extend their learning and compassion for living things.  Please feel free to stop in to visit Catboy and Alex in room 3.

Room One: Developing Healthy Habits

 Early childhood is an exiting time as children begin to learn about themselves and the world around them. It’s a time when they can develop habits that can affect them throughout their lives.

    In this winter season with lots of colds around us, we definitely want to prevent getting colds by teaching children methods of keeping away the germs. We try to incorporate activities that help them maintain a beautiful smile, and keep them looking and feeling great. 

    This month we planned exiting activities, games and songs that cover proper hygiene. We started with the book “Germs Are Not for Sharing” by Elizabeth Verdick. After reading this book we talked about how we need to cover our mouths whenever we cough or sneeze not to spread germs because our friends can get sick, too. We talked about washing properly our hands, and the situations in which washing our hands is required. We discussed proper hygiene habits when using the bathroom. Then we had an art projects in which our character had a cold, and we had to make sure that he uses tissues to wipe out his/her nose. Then we read the story “ Little Raccoon Catches a Cold” by Susan Canizares, and talked about why the raccoon got sick. Later, in a different activity we discussed ways of protecting ourselves to prevent getting sick, and we compared our experiences of being sick to the one the little raccoon had in the story. We reinforced our students’’ good hygiene behaviors whenever we noticed them throughout the days.

Winter Fun In Room Five

Season Greetings!

December month brings a lot of different winter activities and exciting open discussion for our preschoolers to expand their thinking about the seasonal changes. We are also working on our new long term assignment:  Project Approach our theme is about: Transportations.

We read books on climate changes and on Transportation.

The children enjoyed the book titled: Little Raccoon Catches A Cold.  From this book they learned more about  following directions for safety and identifying the different garments we should wear to keep ourselves warm and protected from getting sick like little raccoon; understanding the importance and differences of getting properly dressed before going out to play during the winter months verses the warmer months passed; they even understood how silly little raccoon was thinking he could catch  a cold using a baseball mitt, butterfly net or a bucket.

One child said: “ Little raccoon was too excited to go outside with his friend red squirrel; that’s why he forgot to dress properly ; then him got sick and his mom made him soup to feel better”.

Another child said: “Little Raccoon forgot to eat his lunch and a cold caught him”. Another said: He didn’t listen to his brother”.

Another activity we did During Small Group Time; since everyone was not prepared to play outside when it snowed,  we filled two large trays with snow one for each table and each child made their own personal snowman; that was a quick cold fun indoor experience and experiment the children really enjoyed it very much. We are also reading and talking about bears and their habitats, while creating our own classroom Bear habitat display. We also made some classroom winter displays.

We are reading various book: We All Go Traveling By, Tons of Trucks, Things that Go and Duck in The Truck  as we work on our Project Approach, as you can see we are moving along on our Transportations activities using various boxes to create them; Much more to come on this long term teamwork.

Have a safe and enjoyable winter break and a very Happy New Year!

By: Suzette Dort

December with Ms. Jenny & Ms. Geydy

It is amazing how quickly December has gone by. It is holiday time already and we were very busy learning all about Kwanza, Chanukah and Christmas this month.  The children created gingerbread people art and we even received an early gift. We met a new friend named Merilier who is a wonderful addition to our classroom. Having a new friend in the classroom was a gift within itself and the children are very happy to grow and learn with Merilier. This month our focus was on holidays and  liquids and their different forms.  The children were able to explore paint color blending and were able to add paint to snow. We learned all about melting ice and snow and the children had a blast. We did do our snow and ice activities indoor because of the very chilly weather and I would like to remind everyone that we do take the children outside daily if the weather permits so please make sure your children are dressed accordingly with hats, gloves/mittens and a warm winter coat. 

Happy Holidays from all of in Room #3 and we can't wait to see all the new learning adventures coming in 2018 with your children.

December Room Two

As the year comes to a close, the children not only enjoyed  making crafts for the holiday season, but they also loved dancing to jolly tunes. 

Merry everything!

Happy Holidays. 

Room Five: Teaching Diversity / Multicultural In Preschool

During this month we had the opportunity to teach the concept of diversity, acceptance and respect. Understanding each person is unique and recognizing our individual differences.

We explore these differences in a safe, positive and nurturing environment conducive to growth. In teaching differences and similarities in people and the importance of love and acceptance of other cultures, understanding each other and embracing the rich dimension of diversity contained within each individual.

Our classroom has a rich mix of diversity: Cuba, Guyana, Trinidad, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Dominican Republic, Mexico, Portugal, Philippines and United States.

To introduce the theme we read diverse books to our students  and had friendly open  discussions  and identifying the different skin tones, and types of hair among ourselves . We provided each child with a paper person shape and instruction for parent/s and child to decorate using fabric, paper and or crayons to allow them to choose their skin color representing their culture for our classroom display,  showing we are all people from different parts of the world and friends.

As a small group activity we provided the children with paper, crayons, beans and glue to create themselves to show differences in people, shapes, sizes and talent.

During large group activity our Music teacher Ms. Betsy played a number of multicultural music from around the world, she introduced and allowed each child to play different instruments; the children were elated to play the different instruments they enjoyed singing and dancing along to the music, it was an enjoyable moment.

We ended our lesson with a multicultural celebration with lots of food from our countries and dressed to represent each country, it was lots of fun  having the parents, children and teachers dining together sharing and enjoying each other company.

Room Four: Diversity matters

This year we celebrated diversity at Jefferson Park. Our community is multicultural so we came together explore our differences. We wore traditional garments and ended the day with a special multicultural feast. 

Room three: Thanksgiving and Counting

The month of November at Jefferson Park Preschool in room 3 centered around the theme of Fall, Thanksgiving and Counting. We are learning to be thankful and learning about the world  around us like our creative turkey projects that are going home soon. Please be on the lookout for those in  your children's book bags. The children explored leaves and the season of fall extensively. We were fortunate enough to have ample leaves for exploring, counting and categorizing.  We continued counting with the introduction of pegs and peg boards and the children were very excited to continue with several different counting materials. We will continue to work on our amazing counting skills throughout the school year but November was especially productive and we cannot wait to see what the month of December brings!

Room Two: Gratitude

It is a special time during the week of thanks. The children have thanks for what they were grateful for and the children were introduced to literature that gave praise and gratitude to Mother Earth. The children were also introduced to music from around the world. 

Room One: Celebrating our diversity

Last week we celebrated our cultural diversity in our school. The week’s multicultural spirit week debuted by inviting parents into our classrooms. Then, on Tuesday our music teacher, Mrs. Betsy, we sang, and danced on various famous international songs. On Wednesday, we opened the doors for our food festival. The families wearing clothes or garments from their culture came and shared with us their traditional delicious foods. This week was an amazing way of learning about the rich tapestry of cultures from our community. 

Room Five: Math and Science experiments.

Young minds exploring, learning, and understanding the concept of change in their environment using fine motors skills and five senses.

Now that the children in room five are more comfortable and at ease feeling loved, respected and accepted away from their homes; they are hard at work and play.  As we introduce and expand their thinking and acknowledge of the changes that are occurring around them during the fall season.

For  the month of October we sang songs, dance, read books and did finger plays to encourage phonological awareness.

For math and science enhancement we went outside to collect leaves each child had a small paper bag with their name on it to collect their own leaves of different sizes, they were able to sort the leaves by sizes of large, medium and small and we made a math chart.

We also had lots  of fun making Apple volcanoes; the children were very excited to work together in pairs and amazed to see the volcanoes erupt.

We also did an Apple tasting experiment using different colors Apple;  red, yellow and green, it was funny watching their facial expressions as they tasted the differences , especially when it comes to the green apple one child said it taste like limes.

Last but  not least we also did a large pumpkin carving exploring the contents, how it feels inside and estimate the number of seeds found.

Room Four: Feeling Festive

October-fest was a blast. We had a mini fall carnival right here on the preschool campus, filled with a petting zoo, a dance party, and food for everyone to enjoy! The children loved the live animals. They were able to get up close and personal with them; learning how to be gentle and kind. We had a blast. 

Room Three: Animal Parades & Fall Harvest

We are thrilled to say that the children are adjusting very well to our routines and to their new friends. We may have had a few days that were slightly different because of a few birthday but the children have fallen right back into step even after all of the excitement.  We are now entering our third month of school and the children are learning to take care of themselves.  They tend to their own needs by getting their thermos or water bottle that are being sent in by their families whenever they are thirsty. They clean up after themselves and are responsible for the proper use of materials in our classrooms.  With each day that passes, we expect to see more and more independence.  

On the 31st of October the entire school had a Fall Harvest Animal Parade which was promptly followed by a well organized petting zoo right here at Jefferson Park Preschool. During the month of October we learned a great deal about animals with a special concentration on nocturnal animals including bats. All classes had the opportunity to meet a wonder bunch of bunnies, chickens,and a very laid back donkey and goat.  Later in the day we all worked together on making rice crispy treats which went home although a few students did want to eat them entirely  at school. We had a very exciting month and look forward to more great experiences here in room 3.

Room Two: Rainbow Parachute


The rainbow parachute brings the thrilling excitement out of the children when skies are blue. Not only are the children able to perform easy exercises, but they are also able to practice their fine and gross motor skills, as well. Although the weather may have a mind of its own, and not permit us to enjoy the outdoors, especially on those rainy days, we always have a back-up plan! 

Room One: The Very Busy Spider

Since our students are interested in farm animals, and spiders, one of the books we chose to further our children’s knowledge about animals and insects was “The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carle. We had lots of fun bringing this story to life through various activities. 

     To summarize the story,  a little spider begins to spin her web on a fence post. One by one, the animals of the nearby farm try to divert her, each with its own sound and specific enticement. Continuing patiently with her work, the industrious spider doesn't answer. She has a busy day ahead of her, but at the end she will be able to show the animals that her web is both beautiful and very useful.

     We looked at books and we were interested in finding out how the spider builds her web, then we tried to make webs for our spiders during art activities. We used props with animals to act out the story “The Very Busy Spider”. Then we took the animals that we had in the barn, and made their specific sounds. We drew our spiders, and their webs, and then we used our listening skills to guess the specific sounds that one can hear on the barn. We also made our spiders using play dough. 

        Already well known as a classroom classic, this creative, interactive picture book is a delight to the senses, a joy to share, and an invitation to pre-readers to "read" on their own. We were able to expand the students’ reading with fun activities.